Toronto has recently been shaken by a terrifying mass shooting at a block party. And some members of the black community are shaken by the way the crime is being portrayed in the media. 

Part Two of The Current

Media Coverage of Gun Violence

The record temperatures that scalded Toronto this summer are nothing compared to the snaring heat of gun violence plaguing the city. Overall crime is actually down -- but bullets seem to be flying nonetheless.

Earlier this month, a shooting at a block party killed two people and left nearly two dozen people wounded. The city was deeply disturbed by the crime and the mayor or Toronto met with Prime Minister Stephen Harper yesterday to discuss ways to stop gun violence. But for some, there's another disturbing problem not being addressed. Some people in the black community believe the media has been reporting on violence in a way that stigmatizes their community.

Today we were joined by three people in our Toronto studio. Kim Crosby is an activist, writer, and co-director of the Toronto-based The People ProjectMorgan Campbell is a Toronto Star reporter and National Newspaper Award winner. And Matt Gurney is a columnist and editor at the National Post and serves on the editorial board.

This segment was produced by The Current's Idella Sturino and Tendisai Cromwell.

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