Amplifying Femme


Hosted at Videofag in Kensington Market, Amplifying Femme was an evening of loud and vulnerable musings on femme identity.

Opening with a screening and Q & A of Kiley May's 'Homo Noeticus' first presented at the 2011 Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival.

Continuing with Catherine Hernandez's 'Femme Playlist' a performance piece outlining the many experiences leading to self definition as a femme through humour, song and shit disturbing.

Closing the evening with I presented the workshop, 'In Fierceness & Vulnerability: Deconstructing and Resisting Femmephobia'.

Check out the prezi here:

And here is the link to the livestream.

Femme of Centre folks, and particularly in queer community are often accused of ‘colluding with the enemy’; that our gender expression exists because we are simply conforming to patriarchal expectations. While they are varied experiences of privilege possessed by femmes of centre, in a sexist, racist, ableist, capitalist, heterosexist society, we also experience nuanced oppressions. While affirming our agency, we will with care explore how oppressed communities that we are a part of participate in the perpetuation of oppression as a means to maintain and assert power as well as naming strategies of resistance and resilience.

PWYC with a portion of proceeds going towards Brave New Girls Retreats.

Brave New Girl Retreats and Healing Skill Shares are community funded intentional spaces for those who identify as femme and as Of Colour and/or Indigenous regardless of gender. We are innovators, (dis) abled, trans, genderqueer, healers, artists, sex workers, organizers and cultural creators.

Kiley May is a kaleidoscope of identities. They are a Mohawk Storyteller, Artist, Creator and Shaman. Kiley is also a 2-Spirit, Trans, Queer and Genderqueer human being. They do creative work in film, photography, writing, journalism, fashion and performance art. As well Kiley does healing, activism and education work in the areas of Kaleidoscope Identities (gender, body and sex diversity), female empowerment, sex positivity, Two-Spirit and Indigenous knowledge.

Catherine Hernandez is a proud queer woman of colour a single mom and the critically acclaimed director of Sulong Theatre.