The Insight Project: Game Changers


Maybe you’re feeling like you’re not where you’re meant to be.

Maybe you have an idea burning inside of you.

This platform may just be the little push you need.

We were in your shoes – we get it. We were disillusioned by unfulfilling jobs, higher education, and the “traditional paths to success.” So, we left and set out to find people doing things differently. People who had carved their own path, exude passion for what they do, and are pushing their communities and industries forward in creative new ways.

Through the stories of these game-changers, we uncovered incredible ideas, passions, and advice. We heard stories of long-held dreams and the determination it took to realize them. We heard stories of lows, heart-bursting highs, and unexpected twists. These are stories of resilience, re-education, and re-invention. These are the stories of The INSIGHT Project.

Kim // Journey / Speak from The INSIGHT Project on Vimeo.