National Coming Out Day


In honour of National COming Out Day, Heterosexuals For Same Sex Equality invited a ton of folks Queer, Straight, Trans... to participate in this video and photoshoot and strip down to our skivvies.

I was nervous in accepting to do this video, because I didn't want to continue to impose the 'coming out' narrative without clarity But HSSE and Derek Forgie were so into adding more to the message to change that. That was why it was important for me to add that piece at the end of the video where we explain that straight allyship is about addressing homophobia and not about 'outing' people. No one has to come out at all and only on the terms that feel safe and/or hot. This video was about folks expressing that if 'coming out' is something you wanna do, we are here for you. 

Check the whole alblum here:  


And watch the video!