Pride 2013: 50 Gay Canadians We Love


Coming in at 25, I am sharing the list with Kathleen Wynne, KD Lang and Rick Mercer.

I am really humbled and appreciative, I am a university drop out, community educated, mixed race, rape & sexual assault survivor, daughter of a single mom, raised cash poor. From the stories that are told to us, from the violence I lived through, I believed for a very long time that I had no worth.

When I left university to study yoga and healing, my mama supported my choice and has held me down in so many ways since. And I am so grateful to be recognized for the work that I did in partnership and collaboration with hundreds of people. Not to mention the folks that came before me including mi abuela. I try really hard to make you all proud and practice gratitude for all the abundance you created seemingly out of thin air.

I want to also acknowledge that this list is missing so many loveable and radical gay, queer, trans, Indigenous, elders, youth and folks of different abilities. We all deserve recognition for the gifts that we bring to this world, even just in our presence. Let us keep striving to acknowledge each other in our multiplicity and to offer generous praise where we can.

Check the list here.