Interdependent Media


Video Transcript

Kim: (sitting in front of a table, wearing a white long-sleeved off-the-shoulder sweater with long golden brown and multi-colored yarn braids which are half tied up and half loose over her shoulders) 
Hi, my name is Kim Katrin Milan. And I have been working as a grassroots community educator since I was 17 years old. That was the very first time I started doing this work and I continued to do this work through an alternative arts organization called the People Project; I continued to do this work as a speaker 
(shows Kim on a panel in front of an audience underneath a white screen, gesturing while speaking)
who tours around North America speaking in conferences and Universities.  
(Shows Kim seated on a couch in a denim crop top with dark brown and white yarn braids working on her laptop) 
And I continued to do this work as a public researcher sharing information through facebook 
(shot of a screen shot of social media selfie with a pale skinned and brown skinned femme presenting person smiling side by side) 
social media as well as through prezis 
(screen shot of prezi with green background and multi-colored text)- 
and all sorts of other interesting and new media ways. 
(Shot of white chart detailing Kim's politicking with multi-colored text and illustrations). 

(Back to Kim sitting in front of the table)
I have been working in arts education for little over a decade. Um really beginning my work when I was 17 in alternative education. I've always been really interested in creating alternative opportunities for people to learn. I've never understood how school could fail people. I've never understood how individuals could be bad at learning. I always thought -and I think that had a lot to do with growing ip as a librarian's daughter- is that if someone is really struggling with their ability to lean its really up to us to shift the way in which they're being taught. To create other opportunities for people to access that information, to repeat ourselves. To share it in ways that are really visual or tactile and have really, really great image descriptions or have really, really great closed captioning.

And I have found in doing this work all over the world and getting to travel to different universities all across North America to speak to people, is that this kind of education, it really resonates in communities and it makes people feel really whole. And that is so important. So often the kind of education that we have because of the way that if measures us, because of the way that we are tested, we don't end up feeling strong, empowered and liberated from learning. And I really wanted to be able to share an experience of learning with as many people as possible, that felt like that.

So several years ago I made a commitment to share everything I learn. And so I want your support 
(shots of facebook posts on Kim's timeline, collage selfies from keynotes)
to continue to do that. And for me that's what interdependent media is. It means that I need the support of my community in order to continue to grow this type of media, one, in the way that I do it on social media, so through facebook, through over 11 different blogs on tumbler, on twitter, on instagram, but also through over 65 prexis show casing hundreds of thousands of human rights issues from around the world. Right now I reach out to an audience of about 100 000 people 
(shot of a facebook photograph, image of Kim in a colorful dress addressing a large crowd at this years Pride)
over the course of any given week and that can only grow.

And from the things that I've been hearing from all of you that this has been more transformative (a white chart with multiple brands and logos shown, a quote about Kim's brilliance from Michelle Yee, the Grid)
to you than any of the time you spent in university, I know that this kind of learning is going to continue to change the world because it already has. 
(Back to Kim sitting in front of the table)
So I'm looking for your support in becoming a member. It would literally take a dollar a month to really be able to invest in this and continue to make it accessible both for yourself and other people. Being a member means that you get to have a direct line to let me know what you really wanna know about. It means that, I'm gonna let you know when I'm doing things like online webinars. It means I'm gonna let you know when I'm doing online prezis. It means that you get to support something that is literally transforming your community landscape and is actually making sure that you get access to information that is really changing this world. So I hope that you will continue to invest in me in all the ways that you have and continue to grow that support. Thank you.
(Image of two pale skinned people holding up a yellow placard, image of Kim addressing a crowd, image of a brown skinned femme presenting person pointing at a photograph of Kim, image of Kim pictured with Janet Mock and Kim's hubby Tiq Milan)

So come on over to the website and lend your support at Kim Katrin Milan dot com.

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