BALAKRISHNA: Space for pride

Check out this article written by ANJALI BALAKRISHNA in the Yale Daily News reflecting on some ideas I shared during this weekend's workshop at IvyQ held at Princeton University.

"I spent three days at the IvyQ conference at Princeton University, where queer students from across the Ivy League and other schools gathered to mingle with each other and discuss LGBTQ issues within the context of a unified community. At one of the workshops I attended, queer activist Kim Crosby interrogated the famous Golden Rule, which says to “do unto others as you want done onto you.” But as Crosby pointed out, every person comes from a different set of experiences and expectations, and it is not fair to assume that a person you are interacting with wants the same thing as you do. Instead, she said, live with the rule “do unto others as they want done unto them.” And in order to figure out what people want, you must give them space to understand themselves, and then ask."

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