Elixher's Body Issue ' Reclaiming Our Stories, Our Narratives, Our Bodie

Was so honoured to be a part of Elixher's iconic issue for all the reasons that Janet described in her article

"The only reason I chose to be publicly vulnerable in this space is because it’s a space created by and for queer and trans women of color. It’s a space of our own and I knew the level of care that would be taken to ensure we got the right image, that the theme of the issue was empowering, that the other storytellers were just as bold and unapologetic about baring themselves."

On Thursday April 24 at3pm ET/12pm PT, the five of us discussed what it meant to bare our truths and our bodies — unapologetically — in the final installment of Janet's LIVE conversation series via Google Hangout. The youtube video is below.

Print copies are available and the pictures from the launch are also up on Elixher.

Photo by Sil Nelson (silthephotographer.com)