Stonewall 45: A Live Art Recreation of The Riots

Clips from Stonewall 45: A Live Art Recreation Of The Stonewall Riots (June 22, 2014) from K Chisholm on Vimeo.

Shot & Edited By Kami Chisholm


Presented by WorldPride & Produced by Eventual Ashes with support from Buddies In Bad Times Theatre we are honouring the 45th anniversary of Stonewall. 

Join us on June 22, where we meet at the corner of Church St. & Alexander and march to Buddies In Bad Times Theatre where the performance continues! 

"We dance because they marched.
We hold hands because they held fists in the air.
We throw down parties because they threw down barriers.
We find each other and hold on tightly
Because they found pride.
We found pride. 
We. They. 
Both exist. 
Queer and resilient.
Beautiful and bold.
Articulate and Loud.

Stonewall changed everything. Everything. We are everything queer/trans* because 45 years ago they broke silence, cracked it open, enabled our imaginations to unleash the glittering goddesses and unicorns that needed space to exist for so many years, hundreds of years. 

To riot is to reach into your most visceral core for the bravery to enact change. I can't say it enough - Stonewall changed everything.

On June 22, join us in remembering. Remember those who had most at stake, who lived their lives under the threat of violence and danger."

- Gein Wong