Inside The Kaleidoscope: Kaleidoscope A Toolkit & Resource Guide Created by Members of Two-Spirit, Trans, & Queer Communities

This toolkit is a revision of an original toolkit that was created by The People Project. It serves as an accompaniment to a workshop we used to deliver with diverse members of our community who had shared their lived experiences and wisdom with youth service providers in Toronto. This helped to create more positive space for Queer, Trans*, 2 Spirit & Kaleidoscope people.

As our community and our work evolved, we recognized that the toolkit needed to as well. Kiley May said it best in her explanation of the term Kaleidoscope:

“I got the idea after becoming frustrated with the limitations of the spectrum concept. We do not have to position ourselves within this model, it’s not adequate or sufficient enough to accommodate our fluid identities and desires. When you hold a kaleidoscope up to the light, that’s how I envision and conceive of our sexual and gendered beings: without borders nor ceilings nor floors, it is energy and light, multifaceted, iridescent, full of potential and possibilities.”

This version speaks volumes to our diversity and multiplicity. We have made this resource to help guide would-be allies as well as to deepen the knowledge of those who are a part of the Kaleidoscope community. And just as before, over time it will also transition and grow as we do.