Anchor Tracey Spicer goes 'au naturel' to protest 'extreme grooming'

Karl Stefanovic said he wanted to prove that women on television, including his co-host, are held to a different standard than men. They're judged on how they look instead of how well they do their job.

Fellow Aussie Tracey Spicer has known that for some time, but only recently became fed up. The broadcaster, host, and writer realized that after 30 years in the business, she had become — in her words — "a painted doll" and decided to ditch the hair, makeup, and other beauty routines that cost her $200 a week. 

Not all women, of course, avoid the hair and makeup aisles. Many defend their lip gloss or visit to the esthetician as confidence-boosters and even a method of self-expression.

Listen to the Segment via CBC The Current