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A daughter of the diaspora, Venezuelan Arawak, West African, Indian; born in the Caribbean living currently between New York & Toronto.

A daughter of the diaspora, Afro Caribbean, Venezuelan Arawak, Indian and Scottish, hailing from Trinidad and living between Toronto & New York. Kim Katrin Milan is an award winning internationally acclaimed educator, writer & artist.

 Interviewing Erykah Badu at AfroChic Cultural Arts Festival 2018

Interviewing Erykah Badu at AfroChic Cultural Arts Festival 2018

She is recognized stateside as one of The Root's' Young Feminists to Watch', celebrated in Canada as 2016’s National Youth Role Model and nationally as one of the 50 Most Loved Gay Canadians.
Kim is the co-founder and Executive Director of The People Project; a diversity consulting firm. She is also one of the owners and current member of the board for the Glad Day Book Shop, the oldest LGBT bookstore in the world.

As an educator, Kim travels around the world talking to people about justice, equity, and human rights. One of the most fundamental things she shares is a reframing of the golden rule. The golden rule suggests that we should treat other people the way that we want to be treated. That might seem simple enough, but it assumes that there is a standard for other people’s experiences. Instead, she encourages audiences to treat people the way they want to be treated, which means we have to ask.

A passionate speaker, Kim is dedicated to inclusivity and invested in arousing a sense of curiosity and empathy in her audience. She uniquely weaves together the historical context, statistical analysis, as well as current events. She is a dynamic speaker, invested in the issues and inspiring in her approach to solutions. By focusing on small meaningful actions and choices, she makes creating large scale change accessible.
A public researcher, consultant and human rights educator, she has shared hundreds of unique resources and presentations around intersectional issues including race, ability & gender. As a social entrepreneur, she speaks to the opportunities and challenges for women in business and leadership roles. With great openness, she welcomes difficult conversations hosting community dialogues and sharing practical strategies around ‘Sexuality & Consent’, ‘Queer & Trans Allyship’ and ‘Anti­Racism & Equity’.

Since 2012, Kim has spoken at universities throughout Canada and the US to thousands of students, community members & educators. From Ivy League institutions including Princeton, Dartmouth to Canadian schools like McGill & Mount Allison. Kim has opened  for the cultural scholar Cornel West at UC Davis, delivered the keynote address at HBCU's Morehouse & Spelman's first Pride and was a beloved panelist at Amber Rose’s first Slutwalk.

She has hosted events for the United Nations, conversations with Grammy award winner Erykah Badu and New York Times best selling writer Roxane Gay. She has acted as the Grand Marshall for Hudson, NY Pride, and hosted an inspiring session at Dreamforce 2016.
She has contributed to Cosmopolitan, MTV, NBC, Larry King Now, Buzzfeed and the CBC both independently and alongside her husband Tiq Milan. She was featured in Elixher Magazine with Janet Mock, Mia McKenzie of Black Girl Dangerous & filmmaker Tiona McLodden as well as in OUT Magazine's 2015 Love Portfolio alongside Lee Daniels & Ruby Rose. The Revolutionary Black Love Series produced by Danielle Moodie Mills for NBC featuring the Milans has garnered praise from Ava Duvernay & the Advocate.


 Tiq Milan and Kim Katrin Milan make their marriage work with humor, honesty and a commitment to bear witness. They spoke onstage at TEDWomen 2016: It’s About Time, in San Francisco. Photo: Marla Aufmuth / TED

Tiq Milan and Kim Katrin Milan make their marriage work with humor, honesty and a commitment to bear witness. They spoke onstage at TEDWomen 2016: It’s About Time, in San Francisco. Photo: Marla Aufmuth / TED

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Kim Katrin Milan is a nuanced and powerful speaker igniting conferences, universities & corporate trainings. She is engaging and relevant using social media seamlessly through all her presentations. She shares over 100 unique prezis online on a range of human rights and equity issues. Kim makes a warm host, moderator and emcee able to be both entertaining and inclusive. 

Selected Speaking Engagements


Together with her husband Tiq Milan, the pair speak about creating love in queer communities of color and intersectional approaches to human rights activism in North America and abroad.


What Others Are Saying:

“I have always wanted to see a Black couple that is out and in the public eye (so not Queen Latifah or Raven Symone) to show how beautiful our love is. I live in Los Angeles and have witnessed firsthand white couples who are celebrated as pillars in the community, but where is the Black love? Well, we found it in writer Kim Crosby and trans activist Tiq Milan.
It is affirming to see a Black couple in the public eye that fully understands the responsibility they have to not only spread awareness, but recognize that we see their love as tangible, in a world where there are so few couples we can look to.
Tiq and Kim, we recognize you as influential figures and will continue to get our lives with your super cute posts and public displays of what our love could (and does) look like.
— Audrey Cash, Elixher Magazine
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