As a theatre artist she has had residencies with Dora award winning actor and playwright D'bi Young and as part of the Young Creator's Unit at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre. She later toured North America with her autobiographical one woman play. 

Her work as a curator spans a decade from Les Blues to curating Insatiable Sisters at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre, the world's oldest LGBT theatre. From multimedia exhibitions like the Gender Exhibit to most recently Cipher Cabaret which brought to Toronto Patrisse Cullers Brignac one of the founders of the #BlackLivesMatter movement and Ottawa based violinist Melody McKiver among others.

She is a long time poet performing locally as well as curating online content.


Insatiable Sisters Photos by Alex Felipe

In Praise Of The Vulnerable Femme

A poem of worship.

My breasts sag. They are small, soft, Easily laying against my chest Falling off to the sides Across them light lines that weave stories like rivers flowing downward to the earth.

As an arts educator she has worked on half a dozen community murals including the one below for Refugees & Newcomers in partnership with Toronto Pride & the Neighborhood Arts Network.