I contribute, curate and co-curate a variety of blogs including:

In Community & Resistance

Resources and art for and by womyn of colour (inclusive of trans and intersex folks) survivors of violence.

Brown Grrlz Project

Images, resources & writing dedicated to the advancement of “femme of centre ”trans folks, queer womyn, two-spirit people, intersex people and cis folks of colour.” 

The People Project

Resources and content for LGBTTQQ2SIA youth of color and our allies, committed to individual and community empowerment.

T-Dot Renaissance

Toronto based arts and culture blog showcasing local diasporic communities of colour.

Real Canadian History

Showcasing the rarely shown history of racialized and indigenous folks on Turtle Island/Canada and challenging mainstream history narratives.

"Femininity in all bodies is discriminated against because of the negative meaning assigned to being female. It's not our gender that needs to change, but these systems of oppression that award privilege to some at the expense of others." - Kim Crosby

Image & Other Writing by Katie Scarlett