All That We Need

We often lament how hard 'this work' is. How difficult it is to push against the prevailing tide of oppression with bodies. To push in ourselves to rid ourselves of the colonizing spirit. And it is definitely harrrd. I find myself experiencing profound joy and deep and aching depression. After I was sexually assaulted by a massage therapist last year when seeking self care I felt destroyed and was destructive to the joy I feel when I read that a friend was just recognized for their powerful poetry collection as a queer Sri Lankan powerhouse femme.
The truth of it though is that it is all possible. It is entirely possible because we have everything that we need. It is not like we are asking for something that defies the nature of the universe. We are not asking for something that would require enormous innovation, we arent asking for everyone to turn into puppies or for trees to grow out of the sky. We are asking, some of us are demanding a change in mind, a change in perspective, a transformation in the way that we take care of each other. All these things that plague us poverty, sexism, rape are all creations by people and a very small, very specific group of people. The wealth we have is enormous, the diversity of our cultural histories and achievements and our own personal resilience as people who have been marginalized are absolutely the key to living in ways that are just and life affirming. Communities of colour, queer and trans, cash-poor and working class, I invite us all to look to each other more and more with love and affirmation. To find ways to be quietly devoted and firmly in solidarity with each other. I ask us to find ways to heal, to make room for multiple truths and to ask each other more questions. We have spent so long responding to the monolith of racism and sexism, that we don't get to talk about homo-normativity or shadeism or islamaphobia, all the things that happen between our communities, in our countries. We can even treat each others in ways that are only deserved to the people who built this system and who benefit most from it, because when we hold each other down we all stay low. Let us hold each other accountable with love, learn each others scars and triggers and proceed with caution and care.