Strange Sisters: Application FAQ’s

Strange Sisters: Application FAQ’s


With just under 1 week left to submit your applications, we wanted to share some answers to questions that we have been asked most often.


1. Who can apply for Strange Sisters?

This is a performance showcase for Queer Womyn & Trans* Folks. We are prioritizing the experiences and artists who identify as womyn.


In recognition of the fact that there are hundreds of different ways to express gender and that gender for some is a fluid journey, we include trans folks in the broadest sense of the term.

You may have had the experience of growing up as a tomboy and then identifying as ‘femme’. You may have been mis-assigned as male from birth and have always sought spaces where you can be affirmed and acknowledge for the womyn that you are. You may be intersex and identify as exactly intersex. You may use masculine pronouns but still identify as a womyn. You may be 2-Spirit, or hijra or any number of gender expressions that are neither male nor female, and this space welcomes you.


2. Do you welcome artists from outside of Canada?

Yes we do! We have a small budget for local and some international bus travel to Toronto. We welcome submissions from Montreal, Detroit, New York, DC and other areas surrounding Toronto.


3. What kind of art are you looking for?

We offer honorariums (payment) to all accepted artists including visual artists, performance artists and movement artists as some examples. Please ask us if you have specific questions!


4. Is ASL confirmed?

Yes it is and we welcome applications from Deaf artists, as we all as folks with varying experiences and abilities.


5. Is Buddies a wheelchair accessible space?

Yes it is.


6. Can I submit film/video art?

We are open to it! We will definitely consider it to see where and if it fits and is possible.


7. Can I submit more then one project?

Yes you can. 

8. Where is the application?