Self-Determination For Our Bodies


Was just cleaning out my hightail account (online file sending site) and I found these pictures taken years ago by brilliant photographer @nabilshash and all these memories come rushing back. At the time I couldn't share these, not even the ones where you couldn't see my face. I was at the beginning of my career and had to work so hard as a ‪#‎BlackWoman‬ to be taken seriously as a ‪#‎careerartist‬, in ‪#‎business‬ and in my ‪#‎humanrights‬ work. Femininity is always so policed, and that is why I work so hard with whatever visibility I have to fight for the right for women and genderqueer folks to wear what they want in public and private space. We all deserve the autonomy to contribute to our communities in looking the way we want to, in the ways we see ourselves. This means women wearing the hijab, and strippers wearing nothing at all. It means glitter, and prosthesis or heels or hairy legs. What someone is wearing is not an excuse to disrespect them or take away their rights. ‪#‎Tattoos‬‪#‎piercings‬‪#‎surgery‬ and all the ‪#‎bodyarts‬ are all choices that individuals are making that hurt no one but themselves. What matters is the content of our character. If you don't like it, then do not wear it or do it. Making assumptions about my capacity despite a genius level IQ and a wicked work ethic because I like short skirts and push up bras. ‪#‎phuckthat‬ ‪#‎younggiftedandblack‬ And whatever your genius and gift is to bring to the world, let us work towards a world where the capacity of women in saris or in next to nothing will not be doubted. As for whatever you all wanna do with your bodies; if you like it, then I love it. ‪#‎self‬ determination