I Love The #Selfie

I love when People Of Colour & Indigenous People do self portraits and I love the #selfie. Here's why. In a world that is dominated visually by corporate displaying millions of white faces, it is radical, comforting and beautiful to see that we exist. And that we exist everywhere in Berlin and Bangladesh and in boardrooms and bedrooms. And sometimes we worry that we are being narcissistic, while whiteness literally basks in itself and becomes furious when Rue in the Hunger Games is portrayed as Black despite being written as a Black character.
I want to see us. I love your instragram with y'all acting out and getting your life. I am honoured to see what you are afraid of and drawn to, what you are emotionally wrestling with and the wisdom that you are sharing. I like how many different stories we have, and some I like more than others. But, ya I wanna see you, wanna see us and we at the same time need to ask questions about the politics of visibility, who gets seen and how much and who gets praise and for what. And I think we can have it all, we can embrace our desire to see each other and challenge our places of privilege critically.