This was the most beautiful short film I have ever seen and my activism; my sense of self is transformed as a result of it. It takes place in the ‘Maitu Community, East African Territory’ 35 years after World War III also known as ‘The Water War’. At this point in the future, the world is presumed ‘dead’. If you want to be surprised stop reading here and  go watch the film.

I want to ask Black womyn, how did it feel to see a complex and layered science fiction short film where Black East African ‘Maitu’ women were the central characters? ? How did it feel to watch the small and powerful act of solidarity between two women of colour? And I want to know how it felt to watch our lead in her quiet, determined bravery walk out into the ‘dead’ world in search of life? How does it feel to sit with the end, where she gifts this budding tree with the sweat from her brow and her armpits (how often have we ever seen women’s armpits acknowledged as something that is valuable) and literally gift her life to provide it with shade and earth?

How did it feel to watch the moment where it seems as her body composed and turned into rich Black soil? How did it feel to watch us and Blackness depicted as a source of life and not death or ridicule? How did it feel to watch you in an imagining of the future? So often corporate science fiction films leave us entirely out or only allow one or two to slip in. How did it feel when the rain began to fall?

I felt real and possible and valuable.
And hope, a lot of hope.