Learning To Love

I'm really obsessed with learning.
I love everything about it.
It makes me so hot, literally. 
It fills me with an enormous heat and passion that for me is so akin to sexual energy. And I really love sharing things I have learned with other people. I love that information can literally transform our lives. It can inspire us to be kinder to ourselves, to each other, it can heal the sick, it can liberate you, transform your community, it can profoundly shift everything we think we know about the world. 

I really love learning collectively, and I appreciate when you comment and share the things that you learn and feel, the ways that it has impacted your lives and your relationships. And because of all the work that I do and all the ways I share (besides Facebook, I have 13 different blogs that I admin or co admin and share information on weekly) I can't always reply, but I read every single thing and I wanted to thank you all for engaging in that collective process.

Tiq Milan always says to me #teamworkmakesthedreamwork and for me that illustrates so aptly the reasons why I am equally as obsessed with intersectionality, equity & inclusion. We need each other. And I don't feel ashamed of that anymore. I need and I benefit all the time from the work of other people. I learn more and more about that every day. From the way that I as a hearing person benefits from the creation of a culture that is so auditory, it actively and violently excludes my Deaf* community to the way that I as a Black Queer woman on a daily basis am subject to violent language and sometimes unwanted touch on a daily basis. I hold all these things in my body at the same time and even more. We all do. Each life form on this planet is intricately connected to us all and we are each infinitely complex.
It's fascinating and beautiful and thrilling. I want to spend the rest of my life understanding relationships and sharing them with people in the hopes of creating a world that is more just and where power and resources are shared with equity. 

I learn that there are Black people being murdered all across the country and I learn that Indigenous People worldwide are also facing a continual genocide. I learn about the Tamil People, the Tibetans, the Samoans, the Muxe, the Hijra. I learn that so much of European Art is appropriated from beautifully complex African Art. I learn that Mathematics came from the Middle East. And I keep finding more and more. I learn that we are so much more than we have told. All people who are marginalized, we are constantly taught that we are not valuable. We quiet ourselves, just as we were quieted or ignored as children or at work earlier in the day. Instead of seeking love, we seek to disempower others, shame other so that hopefully we ease this emptiness that so many of us are feeling.

I say this often, whether you believe that we were made by a creator or from the bellies of stars, either way that means that we are a piece of heaven. We are all divine.

We cannot vilify the thief and then elevate those who steal entire continents and celebrate "Columbus day'. We cannot imprison the drug dealer when BP is allowed to remain free and functioning after poisoning the environment with massive oil spills. We cannot condemn the hoodie when more people have been murdered by men in suits and uniforms. We cannot shame Black women for sharing their bodies when their are museums and art galleries full of white women all being regarded as immensely valuable. One of the most powerful things we all need to learn is to trust ourselves, trust our struggle and trust each other.

We need to trust the stories of immigrants, refugees, the people on food stamps, - we need to trust the lingering stories of young unarmed Black boys murdered for daring to exist. We need to trust these stories and the things that they teach us OVER the stories that are being fed to us by corporately funded media.

We are all valuable. We have to open ourselves to the lived experiences of the people around us. We have to learn of each other from each other. We have to stop believing the lies that we are fed about ourselves and our communities.

And that is why I will continue to learn everything I can and then I share it all. The more I learn, the more I understand and the more that it complicates my understanding of the world, and I know that in sharing it, it generates abundance. The value of it all increases in a multitude of different ways in which I can't entirely know or understand and every single piece is important. Every single part of it is powerful, humbling and miraculous. When I get into a conversation about intergenerational healing with the young woman in the Bronx doing my nails and we end up in tears just as she finishes and when I get the honor of being invited to universities to celebrate their Lavender Graduation.

Working collectively, respecting different levels of participation, knowledge and experience, sharing in visions of justice and of love, celebrating diversity and valuing the lived experiences of people experiencing violence. These are all things that happen here and are happening in other pockets all around the world. 

I'm not suggesting this is THE revolution, but it does feel radical. Even when we are witnessing and experiencing so much violence, we still find ways in the midst of it all to make a lot of miracles happen. I just wanted to remind us all of that while we fight, or while we are sad or tired or burnt out - its all important, the little and the big in each and every moment that we persist creating a world that we have never known in our lifetimes. We are guided by multiple different kinds of faiths and purposes that are all divine just as we are.