Punishment Doesn't 'Solve' Anything: Ray Rice & The NFL

I get that Rice is out of the NFL, but that doesn't solve anything, it is only punitive and I am not sure what that accomplishes. 
That doesn't mean that now he would never do it again or does it mean that he has now become a hero for women's rights and would now step in when Black women are being violated. That would be a victory for me, rehabilitation and transformation that is tangibly demonstrated over time is an ideal I would at least like to try for.

This doesn't get other men to start thinking about the ways that this is happening in their life, it doesn't ask them to check in with their boys to see if that might be an issue elsewhere. Most responses I have see make it clear that moving forward Janay will face an enormous amount of judgement and resentment and hatred from men and other people who will blame her for 'ruining' his career because victim blaming is what people are already doing. 

I need us to start employing all the strategies that Black women have laid out to prevent violence against Black women. 

I need preachers and teachers to acknowledge racism and trauma and stress and the way that Black women are most likely to be beaten and abused by the people who are closest to us, whom have sworn to love and support us. When our partners are beaten by the world, they all too often come home and take that out on our bodies. 

We need to acknowledge the double standard that allows Iggy & JLo to be 'sexy' and Nicki 'nasty'. We need to talk about a system that sets men and women up as natural enemies and opposites, when in fact we are connected to each other and many other genders too. This culture produces so much toxicity and we don't have accept that violence has to just be a part of it.

I want us to try to fix it. Try to heal from it. Try to have justice around it. Prioritize Janay's needs. I want us to talk about the fact that the number one cause of death for Black women between the ages of 18-34 is domestic violence. I am hard pressed to think of one Black woman I know who hasn't been physically or sexually assaulted MULTIPLE TIMES. I want us all to accept that this is un acceptable and it can't continue any longer#notonemore. No more punishments, no more apologies much after the fact, no more feigned concern. For all the things that are the number one killers of white women, there are foundations, there are even days of commemoration (Dec.6th as an example). I genuinely just need people, EVERYONE to care more.